Religion and Worship

There are but a handful of deities that have any overt influence on the Telluric. These beings are often multifaceted and can only impose their will through mortal emissaries. Due to this, the will of any deity is directly colored by the mortal mind that works it’s intent.

Thus no deity will be tied to any alignment, nor even a general direction of attitude. Each race believes in different deities that are often just different facets of the same deity. These differences, while minor on a cosmological level, are vast on the cultural and theological level, leading to different sects of the same deity gladly warring against each other with as much fervor as with cults of other deities.

The four arch-deity concepts are: Crol’akosh, Harz’ghul, Verit’coul, and Telm’kree

All deity character entries will be from the Human point of view, to avoid clutter.

Religion and Worship

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