Orcs are second only to humans in population and expansion of new lands. They congregate in large roving tribes that eventually become too large to sustain a nomadic lifestyle. These tribes absorb nearby tribes and great sprawling settlements are built near abundant water and food sources. These squat villages turn into squalid cities almost overnight, complete with all the normal working members of society.

The largest tribes settle around the Archle River Delta in the south. The Archle runs off the continental ridge line carrying processing runoff from the dwarven Arczonite plants deep in the mountains. This runoff deposits into the delta silt, where the orcs there have learned a crude second step process for refining the waste ore into usable Arczonite.

Life for the average orc is difficult, as war priests and chieftains vie for power leading to a violent and sordid existence for city orcs.

Orcs with more survival instincts or intelligence often form mercenary bands and wander about hiring themselves out to wizards or anyone who can use them. These bands are treated with wary caution and a modicum of respect when encountered outside of orc lands. Most orcs will not mindlessly attack unless driven to do so, and many could potentially be a powerful ally in the constant power struggles across the land.

As a short lived race, the effects of Planar Corruption are very prominent among many orcs.

The deities of the orc Pantheon are: Gruak’kal, Hrazk’kal, Verit’koh, and Teml’koh.


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