The deity of life and the tempest.


Telm’kree is the human name for the deity of the storm, chaos, and quickening. She is often depicted as a motherly women clad in ancient armor and dripping with seaweed brandishing a bronze spear and cradling a babe in the other arm. She represents the chaos of storms, the unpredictability of the weather, but also the ferocity of both storm and hearth, defending life and bringing new growth with rains as she sweeps away detritus and lays low the unprepared. She is revered by healers, seamen, mothers, and travelers, To her worshipers she offers power in the domains of Life and Tempest.

The elves know her as Tellemeth, and to them she is mother nature incarnate. A force of pure power from whose ire stems the storms of a century and whose boon blossoms new forests. Her face is not to be gazed upon and she is primarily worshiped by wood elves. Elven worshipers of her show prowess with the domains of Nature and Tempest.

The dwarves know him as Tellek’krum, and to them he appears as a judge of the living and the dead. He is wrapped in a cowl obscuring his face, but his scowl is always plainly visible. It is his decision that decides the fates of dwarven lives, and entreating him for help will bring death as often as life. Yet as the caste system is a part of dwarven culture, so is Tellek’krum. He is primarily a deity of judges, healers,fatalists, and assassins. To his adherents he offers the domains of Life and Death.

The orcs know her as Teml-Koh. She is a voluptuous orc female often depicted naked suckling two orc babes. Her eyes gleam with blue fury and lightning follows her gaze. She succors all of orc society, nurturing life where she can. If threatened she unleashes her cold fury to smite those that oppress her families with storm and rage. She represents the power of kith and kin, and the unbridled nature of a mother’s love. To her followers she offers them the domains of Life and Tempest.

The Halflings have an adversarial deity in Tellehk kal. To them he represents the chaos, confusion, deceit, and falsehoods. Depicted as a young man at times and at others an old wizard. He represents both chaotic emotions, selfish desires, deceit for personal gain, and the unpredictable weather that is seen by halflings as an outward manifestation of such chaotic thinking, Worshipers of Tellehk kal do their business is secret. Often he is entreated by those who are lovesick, alone, lustful or greedy when their need is great. He rarely has routine adherents.Thus many halfling shrines to Tellehk kal are hidden in secret, as his domains are the absolute anathema to halfling culture. To halflings who entreat him, he offers the domains of Tempest and Trickery.

The Gnomes know him as Telleahgg, and is the very warp of life and nature. Mother Nature and father time, rolled into one overarching model. It is the deity that represents the very life of nature and the life of storms and weather. A master of ferocity in growth and rain, a force of growth and gale. Forest gnomes revere it with their druids, wizards and sorcerers to heal their homes and punish their trespassers. Followers of Telleahgg are granted domain over Nature and Tempest.



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