The god of nature and death


Harz’ghul is the human name for the deity of growth, decay, and death. It is often depicted as an anthropomorphic tree devoid of green or life. Where he goes decay follows and turns to death, yet after he leaves, new life springs from old and plants grow with terrifying vigor. He is revered by outsiders, healers, morticians, and some magic users. For humanity, he offers power in the domains of Death and Nature.

The elves know him as Halleath, and to them he appears as a treant of wise and massive proportions.. The decay and life he brings are seen as the natural circle of life by elves, and he is simply a part of every elf’s life, from birth to death. His rampant worship by elves leads to even more distrust by humans, who see Harz’ghul as a primarily destructive deity. Elven worshipers of him show prowess with the domains of Life and Death.

The dwarves know him as Hattak’ el, and to them he appears as a sprig of fresh vegetation, cracking asunder the stones of the mountain. He is primarily a nature deity to the dwarves, but they believe that any deity that can cause plants to grow underground must be capable of tricking the sun itself. This symbol often graces the castes of herbalists and farmers in dwarven society, and is sometimes used as covert messages between thieves, beggars, and street performers. To them he offers the domains of Nature and Trickery..

The orcs know him as Hrazk’kal. He is a massive orc of bark skin that plows the very earth asunder at his passing, leaving exposed and decaying earth in his wake. He represents the power of nature to overtake all given time, and the inevitable end of all living things. To them he offers the domains of Death and Nature.

The Halflings do not often revere Harrlek kal. To them it represents the death of all living things. Adherents of Harrlek kal turn halfling followers in to bringers of death, and style themselves as warriors born of the very fabric of life. Thus many halfling villages have a war cult to Harrlek kal as well. He offers them domains of Death and War.

The Gnomes know him as Halleattahk, and he is seen as a necessary religion. He is depicted as an even swirl of dark and light, life and death, being and not being. He is the deity most associated with Gnomish ascetics and monks, who fill their days with contemplation of the great wheel of life. Lately these ascetics have been turned to to lead the way from the gnomish crisis. To them he offers the domains of Life and Death.



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