The god of Light and Warfare


Crol’akosh is the human name for the deity of the sun and righteous warfare. He is often depicted as a brilliantly bronze armored centurion riding a chariot of blazing liquid light. He is revered by judges, warriors, and people who respect law and justice as well as honor and ferocity in combat. Strict adherence to certain sects of his worship have lead to the Ashen Church, responsible for the The Ash Crusades. His is the type of justice that tends to only deal in absolutes. For humanity, he offers power in the domains of Light and War.

The elves know him as Kralleath, and to them the god appears as an androgynous humanoid beam of light. His/her judgments are more tempered with knowledge and mercy than the human ideal. He is most worshiped among the High elves. and elven worshipers of him show prowess with the domains of Knowledge and Light.

The dwarves know him as Gruat’tak, and to them he appears as a blade and shield of molten steel. This symbol graces the castes of scholars, craftsmen, and generals in dwarven society. He represents discipline and knowledge in all things. Making the correct decisions requires complete knowledge, and his adherents strive to know all so that all may be properly sorted, caragorized, and leveraged on the fields of battle as in the workshops and libraries of the deep mountains. To them he offers the domains of Knowledge and War.

The orcs know him as Gruak’kal. He appears as a massive orc of crystalline skin that rides a chariot of liquid light, hurling spears of pure sun into his enemies and trampling those who would oppress the orc race under his chariots crushing wheels. To them he offers the domains of Light and War.

The Halflings revere many avatars of Krallak kal. To them he represents the evenness of sunlight, the prosperity of the field, and the bounty of the harvest. He is the tempered wisdom of growth and hearth. He offers them domains of Light and Nature to his followers.

The Gnomes know him as Kralleatk, and generally worship him as a god of metaphorical light, not physical light. He represents the light that shines on dark secrets and the illumination of ancient puzzles. Scholars and wizards often entreat him in private to help with their private research or to assist in the most bizarre and arcane of puzzles. He is often depicted as a brilliantly lit gem embedded into a book of arcane secrets. To gnomes he grants the domains of Knowledge and Light.



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