Telluric tears

Tears in the Telluric fabric have happened with increasing frequency ever since The First Tearing. While generally more isolated and smaller in size than the initial tears, they continue to cause chaos and havoc upon the residents of the Telluric.

Tears can be classified both by what planer energy leaks from them as well as their rough size. Arcane scholars classify the sizes, from smallest to largest, of tears thus: punctures, fissures, breaches, chasms, and rifts.

Punctures are generally smaller than a small pumpkin, and some have been utilized for gain instead of simply causing destruction. Many a new settlement has been established where one could not be before due to a now abundant source of water, assuming its fresh. Wizards often search out such sites in order to enhance their research and speed their crafts.

Fissures are larger than punctures, but are never larger than a small humanoid. These fissures have reached a point where dangerous levels of planar energy can radically effect the surrounding Prime Material as well as simply physically altering it beyond recognition.

Breaches are called such because they are the smallest tear where entities are known to escape into the Telluric along with massive amounts of planar energy. The largest breaches are the size of wagons and siege engines.

Chasms are truly dangerous, and known organized excursions of extra planar denizens have been known to escape from chasms to deliver destruction upon the Prime Material. The number of Chasms is carefully recorded within their region of influence.

Rifts are world changing tears where entire units of extra planar creatures could cross if they so chose. Only a few of these are known to the races of the Telluric, with the largest known rift located in the lower levels of Zezoaggk, the gnomish capital. This rift threatens the very continuance of the gnomish people.

Most tears attach to the inner planes, leaking elemental energy, or if connected to the Feywild or Shadowfell allow those concurrent planes to warp the fabric of the Prime at that location.

Some tears lead to the outer planes. Regardless of the plane connected, often secondary energy types leak through as well. This is often most likely radiant or necrotic energy leaking concurrently with the outer planes natural energy. The rules governing each outer plane can exert a modicum of influence on the Prime Material depending on the size of the tear. Thus a tear into Limbo might destroy the laws of physics while a tear to Elysium might eventually call people to establish a safe haven for unknown reasons.

Telluric tears

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