A pastoral people known for their love of hearth, home, and heavy meals. Most are content to tend to their communities but are often quite loyal and defensive of them. When the Telluric broke and the world changed into a more deadly place, the halflings fortified their pastoral homelands and organized militias to defend them. This quick militant turn allowed unguarded and unkempt farmland to fall to their control or be consumed by the wilds.

Now halflings find themselves in control of most overland food production, and man vast plantations where halflings work the land alongside gnomish contraptions and goblin slaves. Their relative self imposed isolation fuels a sense of paranoia, that in turn continues to drive their isolation.

With this new found paranoia, many halflings have become obsessively religious. Coupled with their self imposed isolation, most halfling religious sects more resemble strange backward cults rather than the religions most recognize. Light foot’s are the only halflings generally seen outside of their plantations, as stout foot’s are quite content to have no interaction with the outside world save trade.

The deities of the halfling pantheon are: Krallak kal, Harrlek kal, Vallek kem, and Tellehk kal.


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