The dwarves have been a relatively blessed people by the standards of the other races. The traumatic tearing of the telluric fabric has, for the most part left them relatively unscathed.

The Mountain dwarves live deep underneath the continental ridge line, where they have an empire as vast and older than any save the elves. Their culture is based on a caste system that overlays a fierce clan structure. The caste system has ensured that crown clans continue to rise in power while others are forced further into economic oppression and inequality. Dwarves of all subraces owe political fealty to the court of high Kings in their mountain citadel. With the discovery of Arczonite, the lower class dwarves have been thrown into mining operations at am unprecedented pace while their class betters make fortunes of their toil. Even now, political or societal dissidents are sent to penal mines to further the cause they assuredly rallied against. There is even a growing sect that believes mining the ore will spell destruction for all dwarves society, a view that is simply not tolerated by the powerful elite.

Hill dwarves have always lived in their mountain brothers shadows, until the discovery of the ore. Mountain dwarves have always been reticent to leave their strongholds or have unnecessary dealings with other races, so the hill dwarves have taken out upon themselves to establish all the overland trade routes and deals with the other races. This had led the hill dwarves to blend their old caste and clan culture into one of powerful merchants classes and guilds. Now for every wealthy mountain noble, there are a dozen Hill merchants with half his fortune. The middle and upper classes are exploding into exciting new areas of wealth and influence while their one noble mountain craftsmen castes brothers find their talents shunned for the all consuming prospect of mining more of the ore.

The deities of the dwarven Pantheon are: Gruak’tak, Hattak’el, Verak’ulmk, and Tellek’krum.


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