Arczonite is an ore that, when processed, results in a fine powder that has the astonishing ability to absorb magical power from any source. The more concentrated the ore, the more it can absorb before becoming dormant. Dormant ore will eventually regain its properties.

Since its discovery and resultant spread through trade, Arczonite has been used in wildly creative ways by those without magical power as a means to defend themselves or even the odds against those with arcane power and divine blessings.

The ore is sold and utilized by the dram, or 1/16th of an ounce. It takes mining a ton of ore rich rock to produce a dram of processed Arczonite. The Mountain Dwarves are the only race capable of both mining and processing the ore to a usable form, however the Orcs have developed a post processing method utilizing the polluted runoff from dwarven foundries to make a less pure version for themselves.

The term Arczonite is a blend of the terms Azoic and Zeolite.


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