Morlock the Magnificent

An influential wizard known for his prowess with both Enchantment and Necromancy.


He is tall for a human and thin of build wrapped only in the finest cloths of silk and velvet, depending on the weather.


Morlock is the only resident wizard of Rockdale, and as such has amassed a considerable power base there. The vast majority of the settlement revers him with celebrity like status, and he can often be found helping out the citizens with magically related problems despite his obvious arrogance and disdain for the lower classes.

He is a very capable wizard displaying skill in a number of schools as well as an accomplished alchemist. Most of his wealth presumably comes from exports of his alchemical reagents and mixtures. Morlock harnesses great pleasure by cultivating rare and magnificent plants around Telluric Rifts into the Positive Energy Plane, much to the discomfort of those who live nearby.

Morlock has often been accused of placing citizens of the town under the effects of Enchantment magic, a claim he has recently admitted. This accusation comes most often from Sir Deward Covington.

Morlock was involved in removing bodies from the Rockdale cemetery and attempting to cover up his transgressions by attempting to frame the dragon Dro’Khazar. He enlisted Ellikt tribe of goblins to assist him with this task. He has recently explained that he is attempting to create an undead force in order to more humanely deal with the threat Dro’Khazar represents, opining that the use of the dead is preferable to enlisting the living.

Morlock the Magnificent

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