ArchMage Franzilor

A great and powerful mage that ruled the entirity of the south eastern plains after The First Tearing.


ArchMage Franzilor was a human wizard who appears in history and tales from before The First Tearing. His apparent longevity allowed him to amass most of the south eastern plains as his to control. Intelligent races lived as servants to his every will while conjured forces patrolled his lands. At a word armies of undead and elementals would rise to strike any who opposed him.

War Priest Berloth Deves gathered and initiated the second Ash Crusade in an attempt to crush the power hold of the ArchMage, but was defeated at the Battle of the Eastern Rift. Ironically, while the crusade was an utter failure, a maid servant to the ArchMage assassinated Franzilor with a tincture of Arczonite and hemlock resulting in the dissolution of his empire into fractious city states.


ArchMage Franzilor

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