Sir Deward Covington

The Sheriff of Rockdale


A tall and powerful man who is descending from his prime as evident by his graying hair and a beard that refuses to stay contained. Presents himself with a military bearing and a defined swagger.


Sir Deward Covington recieved his training in warfare from the armies aligned with the War Priest Berloth Deves. During the Ash Crusade he quickly rose in rank often being one of the only members of his detachment alive after repeated skirmishes with the conjured forces of ArchMage Franzilor, eventually becoming a centurion.

After the utter failure of the Ash Crusade during the Battle of the Eastern Rift, Covington wandered from village to settlement, never staying in one place for long until discovering a new home for himself in Rockdale, a town that desperately needed his help.

Recently his dislike of Morlock the Magnificent, sprung from his hatred of all things arcane, has caused him to continually harass the Wizard to the point of public accusations. He has begun enlisting the help of any capable adventurers to advance his agenda against the Wizard.

Sir Deward Covington

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